"I conducted an mentoring session today at the Boys and Girls Club Youngstown, utilizing the Willie Jolley’s Dare 2 Dream DVD.  At first the teens didn’t want any part of it. I put a piece of paper and pencil in front each of them for taking notes. Five minutes into the DVD the kids were sitting up straight and following along. By the end of the DVD everyone had a full page of notes. I asked the kids, just like Willie did at the beginning of the DVD.. What grade did he earn? A or F, everyone said it was an A. 

The Boys and Girls Club Youngstown Teens now know that they too can Dream BIG!

Thank you very much for this tool to reach and motivate so many Teens! Keep up the great work you do, you make it look so easy!" -C. Pitts


"Recently, I viewed your motivational Video presentation at the Duke Ellington School of the Arts with my two nephews, ages 12 and 6 who visited me. I was nervous about sharing the video with them because, quite honestly, I didn't think they'd be interested. However, to my suprise, they both we captivated by the your high energy and enthusiam. The two of them watched the video with interest and excitement. They even knew some of the jingles and we all sang along with the Impossible Dream song. Afterwards we had an open discussion about the presentation.

They were only with me for a couple of weeks, but during that time, I used the video as a teaching tool and reminder to broaden their thinking, expand their dreams and to reach for the stars. I believe that the video left a lasting impression on them and in case it didn't, I sent the video home with them.

You clearly have a voice and audience with the young people and I'm grateful that I had an opportunity to view and share your video with two impressionable young boys. Keep up the good work!!"
-S. Friend



"I got my son to look at Willie Jolley's youth video after he decided to drop out of school. He was so motivated that he went back to school and finished. He even made the Honor Roll! What an Awesome message!"


"This is a great message for your youth and those you love!! Get a copy for your family and give a copy to someone else you love!"

-T. Parker


"Dear Willie,

I purchased Dare 2 Dream Dare 2 Win from your fabulous “Monday School” a few weeks ago at the Sanctuary. I let my nine year old son, Chase, look at it by himself and then we watched it together the second time. Chase has been turning the DVD on to watch it himself when we arrive home in the evenings. He stated that he wants to be successful like Mr. Willie Jolley. Also, he is walking throughout the house mimicking YOU, saying ”I’m Awake – Ready to Shake & Bake” and singing your jingles, etc!!! This DVD is powerful and I recommend it to all our youth nationwide! It was amazing to hear my son shouting your comments and affirmations around the house. An absolute JOY for a parent to witness….

Thanks so much Willie to you, your lovely wife, family & staff for all that you give to our children & human kind!"
-R. Allen

Motivate Your Teen to Success! - Dare 2 Dream Dare 2 Win


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